The long-awaited update!

Pages can now edit title and description meta tags. For this, a drop-down block "Meta tags" has been added to the form for adding / editing pages.

By default, the “Automatically” checkbox is selected - in this case the meta tags will be filled automatically using the page title and the main text (or announcement, if available).

To replace meta tags with your own, uncheck and fill in the fields.


A new section "User Sites" has appeared on SAMPORT.RU website.


Added the ability to place the buttons "Call" and "Write to us" under the text of the news.


On the statistics page (inside your administrative panel), charts have appeared for a visual analysis of your site traffic.


A new FAQ section has become available on SAMPORT.RU, as well as in the settings of your sites. The default feature is the translation of pages into English.

Use on health!


Liveinternet visitor statistics is probably one of the most popular, simple and at the same time powerful resources in this area. Now on your sites.


The SAMPORT system has now implemented functionality that will suit any real estate agency.


Added support for pop-up menu on mobile devices or devices with small screens.